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November 2019

November 14-17 Washington, DC

Advance peace and justice

November 15-17 Old Chatham, NY

A conference for anyone ready to deepen and share their peace witness

November 24

A planning meeting for those with responsibilities for Annual Sessions 2020

December 2019

December 6-8 Deerfield, MA

The theme for the retreat is "AND"

December 6-8 Providence, RI

The "Food Justice & Sustainability" retreat

December 7-8 Middlebury, VT

A gathering of Friends from meetings in Vermont and western New Hampshire

December 12-15 Wallingford, PA

An invitation to all Friends to examine and renew our own experience of the Light

December 12-15 Deerfield, MA

A retreat for those enrolled in the Nurturing Faithfulness program

January 2020

January 2-5 Deerfield, MA

The annual midwinter retreat for Young Adult Friends

January 10-12 Westport, MA

The annual music retreat

January 10-February 25

An online and in-person course focused on practical ways to build your meeting community

January 17-20 Old Chatham, NY

a Powell House retreat

January 24-26 Wellesley, MA

The bread retreat!

January 31-February 2 Old Chatham, NY

a workshop at Powell House

February 2020

February 1 Winthrop, ME

A gathering of Friends in Maine from Damariscotta, north