Annual Sessions

Sessions 2020 have concluded. We'll be sharing recordings, Minutes, and following up on next steps in the coming weeks. Scroll down for recordings, documents, and more as they become available.

What are the "Annual Sessions" of New England Yearly Meeting? 

Each year, hundreds of Quakers from across New England and beyond join together for worship, fellowship and seeking how God will guide us in meeting for business. Having first gathered in 1661, in 2021 New England Yearly Meeting of Friends celebrates 361 years of journeying together as a community of faith and witness.

Annual Sessions provides many opportunities to connect with Friends old and new: vibrant youth programs, adult small groups for interpersonal connection, encouragement, and spiritual exploration, discernment of how Quakers in New England are led by the Spirit to act and serve, and guest speakers offering explorations of the Bible and sharing ministry responding to our condition and the challenges of our times.  

Plans for this year's Annual Sessions are being finalized. Sessions will be held primarily through the use of digital telecommunications and is scheduled to begin on Saturday August 7. More detail will be available in early March. Please feel free to contact the Events Coordinator with any questions or concerns.

Events Coordinator
Elizabeth Hacala