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June 2024: Learning Love

May 2024: Growing Community

April 2024: For What Are We Waiting?

March 2024: Synchronicity

February 2024: Staying with Love

January 2024: For This

December 2023: Light Amongst Darkness

November 2023: As Oil for Gethsemane

October 2023 Newsletter: The Threads of Community

September 2023: A Third Way

July/August 2023: Listening in Love

June 2023: Getting to Love

May 2023: Being Faithful

April 2023: Serving the Body

March 2023: God's Glowing Presence

February 2023: Finding God in the Pickleverse

January 2023: Sharing Stories

December 2022: Bring Pie

November 2022: What is My Work to Do?

October 2022: Making Room

September 2022: To Everything There Is a Season

July 2022: Walking for Healing

June 2022: Giving, Asking, Receiving

May 2022: How Are We Known?

April 2022: Bearing Witness

March 2022: A New Query

February 2022: You Are the Leaven

January 2022: Still ... Waiting ...

December 2021: A Boundless Gift

November 2021: It Is Blessed to Receive, Too

October 2021: How Then Are We Called?

September 2021: Walking Humbly

July 2021: Grounded in Blessing

June 2021: The Spring Must Be Opened

May 2021: The One Thing Necessary

April 2021: Tending the Divine Seed

March 2021: Living Close to the Center

February 2021: The Necessity of Joy

January 2021: Let Us Pray

December 2020: From One Heart to the Next

November 2020: Finding and Being Found

October 2020: Rooted in Hope

September 2020: Coming Back Around

March 2020: Loveā€”In Such as Storm as This

February 2020: No Other Refuge

January 2020: Members of Creation

December 2019: Keep Digging

October/November 2019: The Stories We Live

September 2019: Yoked

June 2019: Toward Invitation

May 2019: The Living Faith of the Dead

April 2019: The Purpose of Wings

March 2019: The Yet-Unknowable Shore

February 2019: The Thinking Heart

January 2019: Always Coming Home