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  • 6 December 2013
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Welcome to the new web site for New England Yearly Meeting — a  community of Quakers and Quaker meetings across New England. This site has just launched, and other important features and functionality are on the way. Wondering where to begin? Explore the menu above or go to the page bottom for links of special interest to newcomers, families, local meetings or committee members.



Aug 18, 2017 • Fritz Weiss, Noah Merrill, Sarah Gant and Honor Woodrow
Aug 13, 2017 • New England Quakers, (Sessions)

Events Calendar

357th Annual Sessions • 5-10 August 2017

Workshops & Retreats

Aug 18 to Aug 20 Old Chatham, NY
Aug 18 to Aug 20 Richmond, IN
Aug 24 to Aug 30 Old Chatham, NY

Youth Programs

Sep 15 to Sep 17 Deerfield, MA
Sep 15 to Sep 17 Location TBA
Sep 29 to Oct 1 Framingham, MA
Oct 6 to Oct 8 Leverett, MA

Committee Meetings

Sep 16 Location TBA
Sep 17 Cumberland Foreside, ME
Sep 23 Location TBA
Sep 23 Location TBA

Other Events

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For Newcomers
By Caren Carmody
About the Quaker Way

At the core of the Quaker faith is our trust that all people can have direct, inward experience of divine love, healing and guidance. We have learned that through responding to this guidance, we can be changed — even transformed — coming to live lives reflecting the Light and Love of God. This is the hope, the invitation and the promise that gathers us as the people called Friends...