Caring for Ministers and Ministries

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What does it mean to be a Quaker minister?

Friends believe that ministry takes many forms and that anyone can be called to ministry.

Friends carrying a ministry need support, guidance, and accountability from their meeting community. Below are some resources for meetings nurturing an individual's leading or ministry including on forming a committee to nurture and care for the ministry and the minister.

Becoming a Quaker Minister

File Downloads

Spiritual Care Committee

This thirty-two page booklet from School of the Spirit outlines the structure and purpose of clearness committees, pastoral care committees, and spiritual care committees (committees which offer support, guidance, and accountability for individuals)

Supporting Ministries in Your Meeting

This two-page handout describes how one meeting has supported its ministers

Quaker Ministry Resource List

A list of links to recommended pamphlets, books, and websites about Quaker ministry

Minute on Corporate Support of Individual Ministries

This two-page Minute from 2013, describes Fresh Pond Monthly Meeting's commitment to and practices for supporting individual leadings and ministries

Responding to Leadings Handbook

One local meeting's 18-page handbook on how the meeting responds to individual leadings

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