Partners in promotion: Guidance for sharing meeting-hosted events with us

Our local and quarterly meetings have countless gifts, resources, and insights to share with each other. Sometimes the workshops, gatherings, and other events developed within one meeting are of potential interest to Friends beyond that particular meeting.  As part of our work to enliven the Quaker movement in New England, we sometimes partner in the promotion of such events.

Reflection questions to use when determining if you should share this event with the wider Yearly Meeting:

  • What added value is there for your meeting and for those who may choose to attend if you expand the event beyond your meeting or quarter?
  • How might the addition of visitors impact group dynamics?
  • What preparations will be needed to warmly welcome and engage those who have never been to your meeting or participated in your events before?
  • What information will visitors need in advance in order to arrive ready to participate fully?

Be clear: 

  • What the event is
  • If the event is not specifically about the Quaker faith, connect the dots on why this event is being shared specifically with Quakers via a Yearly Meeting
  • Who the event is for
    • Led to offer a wide welcome? “Everybody is welcome” is not useful; “Anybody interested in x, y, z is welcome” is.
  • Who is sponsoring the event
  • Who to contact with questions
  • What the registration or RSVP process is (if any)
  • COVID requirements (if any)
  • For events that include children not under their care of their usual guardians and for events where participants are in potentially vulnerable situations (such as overnight retreats or workshops on especially sensitive topics), please include where readers can go to find information or ask questions and share concerns about safety, care, and abuse-prevention.

After reflecting and reviewing the guidance above, is your meeting ready to share an invitation? If so, please share it with Program Director Nia Thomas for review and consideration. Please note that NEYM is committed to using our communications channels in ways that build trust and minimize unnecessary interruptions or distractions. We consolidate most of our wide-reaching communications into our monthly newsletter which includes a curated calendar of select events which are most closely aligned with NEYM’s purpose and priorities.  Because of our deep commitment to this approach, we are best equipped to share about events happening at least six weeks out.