Care for the World

Many of us are digging deep, to feel where a prophetic response may be...

Brian Drayton, Souhegan (NH) Friends Meeting

For Quakers, the most vital expressions of our faith go beyond words into action. We witness to the Spirit of Love and Truth as we work to bring the society around us more into harmony with God’s peaceable kingdom and the natural world.

Quakers take up this work through community action, meeting support of an individual Friend’s social justice ministry, and through participation in organizations dedicated to creating a peaceful, just, and sustainable world. In addition, the Yearly Meeting has formed committees oriented around particular areas of concern such as Earthcare Ministry Committee and Racial, Social & Economic Justice Committee which sometimes act as platforms for coordinating the leadings of Friends across different monthly meetings, as well as a launching point for witness work to be brought to the Yearly Meeting at Sessions.

    One Friend's Journey into Faithfulness Through Action

    Listen as Jay O'Hara (Portland, ME, Friends Meeting) tells the story of being led to bold action in response to the climate crisis.

    Why I Blockaded 40,000 Tons of Coal with a Lobster Boat

    File Downloads

    Checklist for Called Meeting for Worship

    This two-page checklist offers practical tips to prepare your meeting for a "called" worship (worship gathering outside of the typical worship time, such as after a tragedy). 

    Witness Resources and Workshop Tips

    This ten-page packet includes lists of resources for social justice witness as well as tips for planning your own educational workshop.

    Organizations Dedicated to Quaker Witness

    New England Quakers appoint Friends to represent our concerns to the following Quaker organizations:

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