Social Justice Resources

Quakers are led by the their faith to make the world a more just place for all people. Below you will find downloadable resources for facilitating conversations around race, gender, and other forms of social justice as well as links to groups of New England Friends engaged in this work.

File Downloads

Facilitation Tips

This three-page handout from a 2020 NEYM facilitation training describes best practices for responding to group dynamics while facilitating social justice conversations

How To Run An Education Workshop

This six-page handout from a 2020 NEYM facilitation training provides planning tips and a sample outline for social justice workshop design

Example Exercises for Conversations on Race

This six-page handout from a 2020 NEYM training for facilitators offers sample exercises and useful terminology for conversations about race

White People Talking to White People

This three-page handout by Lisa Graustein (Beacon Hill) offers practical tips for white people having conversations with other white people about race

2003 Minute on Racism

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