Noticing Patterns of Oppression and Faithfulness Working Group

The Noticing Patterns of Oppression and Faithfulness Working Group was formed under a charge from Sessions to Ministry and Counsel to “develop a practice to appoint people who will observe, name, and reflect back to us long-standing, unseen patterns and practices that result in our complicity in oppression” (Minute 2018-53). The working group is now under the care of Permanent Board.

Elders were present during meeting for business at Annual Sessions 2019 and 2020 and reported back to Friends what they observed and what other Friends reported (see Minutes from 2019 Annual Sessions and 2020 Annual Sessions).

An article in Friends Journal (4/27/2020) describes the first year of the Yearly Meeting's experiment with noticing patterns.

News articles:
2021 FCNL Interview with NPWG
Noticing Patterns of Oppression & Faithfulness

Sessions 2023:

To see the faces of the Friends serving on the working group for Annual Sessions 2023 scroll down to the downloads section at the bottom of this page. 

To see the Welcome Flyer for Sessions 2023 scroll down to the downloads section at the bottom of this page. 


File Downloads

October 2020 Report to Permanent Board
NPWG Welcome Flyer 2023

An introduction from Noticing Patterns Working Group for Sessions 2023 participants.

Photo of Noticing Patterns Working Group Members and Elders 2023

Photos of Friends serving with the Noticing Patterns Working Group in 2023