An Invitation to Challenge White Supremacy

An Invitation to Challenge White Supremacy

Dear Friends –

We were heartened by the energy and commitment at Sessions this year to deepen our work of challenging white supremacy and working for racial justice. Throughout the week, we heard the call for us to both do more internal work among Friends and more external work out in the world. We invite each of you reading this to make a commitment this month to more deeply engage in the work of challenging white supremacy and working for racial justice. We offer the following resources to support you in your on-going learning and action.

If you were unable to attend Sessions, you can watch Ruby Sales’ powerful keynote here. You can get a copy of the presentation that the Challenging White Supremacy Working Group gave here.

As the Challenging White Supremacy Working Group in NEYM, we are a resource and conduit for the work of local meetings and Friends. Please let us know what you are doing and what you need to keep doing the work. We can be reached at [email protected]  

In faith and service,

Susan Davies, clerk; Xinef Afriam, Fran Brokaw, Jeremiah Dickinson, Lisa Graustein, Anita Mendes, Carole Rein, Julie de Sherbinin, and Mary Zwirner

Get Educated

An article on the language of polite white supremacy

ColorLines —award-winning journalism on U.S. current events from a racial justice and intersectional perspective

An article on the hidden racism in spiritually progressive language and groups

Workshop materials, reading lists, and many other resources of the Racial, Social, and Economic Justice Committee

For Parents & First Day School Teachers:

How to Talk to Your Kids about the Violence in Charlottesville

The Do’s and Don’t’s of Talking to Kids of Color about White Supremacy

8 Tips for Talking with White Kids about Racism, Violence, and Charlottesville

My Reflection Matters: on-line resource for books curricula, and resources for multi-racial youth

Free racial justice curriculum for junior high and high school First Day school; can also be used for intergenerational programs at meetings

Take Action:

Friends Committee on National Legislation—information on pending legislation and what to say to your representatives.

American Friends Service Committee

The following are regional and national organizations dedicated to justice and focusing on groups who are particularly targeted right now. They all offer information, ways to engage, and opportunities to support their work.

While we pray for justice and peace, we also want to remind Friends of these two resources for responding to local and national injustices:

Preparing Your Meeting for Called Worship

Supporting Young People After a Tragedy