Right Relationship with Indigenous Peoples: Resources for Engagement

At New England Friends' Annual Sessions in 2020 and 2021, we engaged with our need to work in a more focused and intentional way towards right relationship with Indigenous Peoples in our region.

Friends approved forwarding a Letter of Apology to Native Americans as well as a set of recommendations for further action to local meetings for reflection over the coming year, in hopes that we may be able to live into full and heartfelt approval of this work at our Sessions in August of 2021. Both documents are available in the downloads section below.

At Sessions in 2021, the Apology was approved by New England Friends. The revised version of the Apology will be posted as soon as it is available.

Also in the downloads section below, you will find resources to support you and your meeting in discernment and next steps as we move towards right relationship as individuals and local worshipping communities. 

A small group of Friends have been appointed to shepherd and support this initiative. To be connected with them, please send an emailAs meetings share back how they are engaging with this work, we will share what we have heard here so that it can serve as a source of inspiration and fruitful connection.

To view an expanded shared resource list, maintained by the Resource Group, click here.

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File Downloads

Clerk's Letter

 A September 2020 letter from the Yearly Meeting presiding clerk, Bruce Neumann, explaining the context of this work

Letter of Apology to Native Americans

This letter was written on behalf of Friends in New England in 2020 and will be brought forward for approval at our annual Sessions in August, 2021

Right Relationship Resource Sheet

Resource list for meetings and individuals seeking to increase their understanding of Indigenous experiences (especially in our region), the relationship between Quakers and Indigenous Peoples, and possibilities for engagement and advocacy. 

Recommendations for Monthly Meetings

Suggested next steps for monthly meetings seeking to move towards right relationship with Native Americans

Template for Listening Session on Apology to Native Americans

This template, created by Andy Grant (Mt Toby), offers a structure and prompts for a worship sharing-based listening session for seasoning the Letter of Apology at your meeting

Featured Videos: Voices on Right Relationship

Many Friends find videos are a useful way to learn more about Quakers and Indigenous Peoples and what Right Relationship involves.

The first video below was recorded on October 18, 2020 as part of an inter-faith and inter-community effort to listen to Indigenous voices and take meaningful steps towards repairing relationships with Native peoples of our region.

The second video below was recorded on October 24, 2020 as part of Vassalboro Quarterly (ME) Friends' Day of Learning on Friends' engagement with Native Americans locally.

The third video was recorded on November 22, 2020 as part of an event titled Looking Deeply at Thanksgiving, a conversation featuring Indigenous and Quaker voices on the difficult truths of Thanksgiving and what a Thanksgiving built on justice and right relationship might look like. 

400 Years: Truth and Healing for the Next Seven Generations
Vassalboro Quarterly Meeting: Native Americans and Quakers in Maine
Looking Deeply at Thanksgiving

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