New England Yearly Meeting

A community of Quakers and Quaker meetings across New England.

Workshops & Retreats

Clerking Workshop

Living Faith Gathering and Young Adult Friends Retreat

For Friends of all ages to share the ways we experience and live our faith. Young adults gather for extended connection-making after Living Faith.

Money & Spirit

Skill-building and connection for meeting clerks, treasurers, and budget committee clerks.

Meeting Care Day

Strengthen skills and share experiences serving in vital meeting roles: Pastoral Care, Nominating, Ministry & Counsel

Eldering Workshop

Exploring Eldering

In well-functioning meetings someone is always actively doing the work of eldering irrespective of whether it’s named or not. What is eldering and...

White Responsibility: A National Teach-In on Anti-Racism in America

Cambridge Friends School (CFS) is proud to support the White Responsibility teach-in, a national anti-racist conference and global movement designed...

SAVE THE DATE: Betsy Meyer Workshop

Betsy Meyer is the author of the inspired Pendle Hill Pamphlet Practical Mysticism, How Quaker Process Opens Us to the Promptings of the Divine . God...

QuakerSpring: Experiencing the Inward Christ Together

REGISTRATION FOR QUAKER SPRING 2019 IS NOW OPEN! Each year Friends from different branches of Friends gather in a radically unstructured five day...

Tema Okun & Donna Bivens: Teaching For Racial Justice In These Times:

How are we thinking differently about how and what to teach? What is our responsibility to incorporate somatic and spiritual aspects into our...


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