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Workshops & Retreats

2018 Quaker Fundraising Gathering

The Quaker Fundraisers Gathering is a biennial educational and networking conference for fundraising professionals and volunteers working in Quaker...

June 9: Racial Dialogue Capacity-Building Workshop

Both meetings and individual Friends throughout New England are in different stages of engagement with the Minute on White Supremacy. This is to be...

Virtual Quaker Parent Discussion Group (Group 3)

Click here for details.

Virtual Quaker Parent Discussion Group (Group 2)

Click here for details

Virtual Quaker Parent Discussion Group (Group 1)

Click here for details.

Workshop: Supporting Ministry and Ministers

Are you called to ministry? Do you have a leading? Who in your meeting do you talk to about it? A member of your meeting has come to you with a...

NYYM-NEYM Pastoral Ministry Retreat

More information coming soon.

Living Faith Gathering

Living Faith is a day-long gathering of Friends from throughout New England. The event is a chance for Friends to worship together, get to know each...

Archives Workshops

The Conference of Quaker Historians and Archivists has scheduled two workshops of interest to recorders and recording clerks, and anyone else...

Quaker RE Collaborative Conference & Retreat

Religious Education in Action: Activism, Outreach, and Parenting Worship in the manner of programmed and unprogrammed Friends. Gather and network...


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