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George Fox

Worship: The Heart of Our Shared Experience

The heart of our life as Friends is the experience of shared worship. In worship, we can experience God's presence in a way that draws us closer into relationship with each other and informs our daily lives.

In the video below, Friends from meetings across New England describe the experience of deep worship as well as the practice of having "care of meeting." Tips and reflections are given about cultivating powerful vocal ministry, supporting the experience of each worshipper, and the way that our individual spiritual practices enrich worship for all.

How To Deepen Quaker Meeting for Worship

File Downloads

Four Doors to Worship

This handout is a three-page summary of William Taber's pamphlet "The Four Doors to Worship", which explains the process of entering into waiting worship

Checklist for Called Meeting for Worship

This five-page handout gives suggestions for  local Quaker meetings, churches, and worship groups seeking to offer opportunities for worship for the wider community during turbulent times or after tragedy

Takeaways for Local Ministry & Counsels

Based on observations from our recent Vibrant Meetings Project, this two-page handout briefly explains best practices related to the work of local meeting's Ministry & Counsel

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