Inclusion in Our Meetings

As the individuals who make up a each worshiping community change from week to week and year to year, attention must be given to how we create space for everyone to show up fully and access the richness of our shared faith experience.

Meetings are enriched by living into practices that include and celebrate everyone. The resources below are tools for meetings seeking to foster welcoming and inclusive habits.

The Relationship Between Welcoming and Inclusion

In this seven minute Quaker Speak video, hear Lisa Graustein (Three Rivers, MA, Meeting) among others speak about what welcoming and inclusion can look like in our Friends meetings.

What's the Difference Between a Welcoming and Inclusive Space?

Racial Inclusion in Our Meetings

This hour-long video features a panel discussion from June 8, 2021 on the topic Envisioning Quaker Spaces as Racially Welcoming and Affirming. Hear from Friends Angela Hopkins (Christ is the Answer Friends Church), Anna Lindo (Framingham, MA, Meeting), Ruth Hazzard (Mount Toby, MA, Meeting), Zenaida Peterson (Cambridge, MA, and Beacon Hill, MA, Meeting), as well as moderator LJ Boswell (Putney, VT, Meeting).

Envisioning Quaker Spaces as Racially Welcoming and Affirming

File Downloads

Inclusive Language Tips for Outreach

Now sure which words to use to be inclusive? This three-page handout gives practical tips on how to use inclusive and affirming language in our outreach efforts.

Coffee Hour Caution

This single-page handout from the Unitarian Universalist Association gives clear tips for welcoming young adults and newcomers.

Greeting Newcomers

This two-page handout from Friends General Conference gives sample language for meeting greeters seeking to be welcoming and inclusive

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