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Quaker Outreach

Friends are exploring new ways to be present and available in the broader culture, offering the Quaker way for a life lived in the Light and a mode of seeking that together.

Quaker outreach is a broad topic and there is a positive role for every Friend to play. 

  • See with the eyes of a newcomer.
  • Look for the details that speak of cleanliness, safety,  proper maintenance.    
  • Have pamphlets and books available for the new seeker.
  • Prepare to welcome children and families.
  • Embrace an active role in offering the Quaker way.
  • Enfold your outreach efforts in your prayer practice.

Quaker Outreach E-newsletter

Print and Use resources and supporting documents from our E-newsletter help you keep the Quaker Outreach conversation going in your local meeting.

The e-newsletter is a collaborative product of New England Yearly Meeting (NEYM) and New York Yearly Meeting (NYYM).  We hope to kindle the Quaker Outreach conversation both within our yearly meetings and to extend it beyond our region encouraging the Quaker Movement in ever-widening circles.

Quaker Outreach E-newsletter is a new kind of communication tool designed to both spread the news and build our collective capacity to do the work.  The content collection and editing is centralized in NEYM and the dissemination is decentralized to participating yearly meetings. 

We invite you to consider joining us in this work by re-sending this e-newsletter to Friends in your yearly meeting.  You may begin simply by forwarding the newsletter to individual Friends and gathering a community of practice.  Once a circle of pracitioners is established, we invite you to share the basic template of the newsletter in Mailchimp and re-send to a list in your yearly meeting.  You may disseminate it essentially unchanged or make some changes to the content in generally agreed upon ways based on a Minute of Understanding available below.  

Emerging Practices in Quaker Outreach: 2016

Forty-plus Friends gathered at Woolman Hill Quaker Retreat Center, April 29-May 1, and explored:

  • Ways we can prepare and assess our readiness for outreach
  • Reaching Out
  • Welcoming In
  • Creative Programming
  • Supporting Newcomers on their own Quaker journeys.

Many of the papers and handouts are shared here.


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