Support for Youth in Your Meeting

Children and youth are full spiritual beings who contribute to the life of our meeting communities in countless ways.  Our meetings can be like an extended family for a child, making space for their whole self to show up.

Whether your meeting offers First Day School once a week during worship or gathers in other ways, we hope you’ll find the resources below on how to nurture the spiritual growth of our youngest Friends useful.

What does youth ministry look like at a local meeting?

In this short video, hear from a number of New England Friends who describe how their meetings support children and youth.

How Do Quakers Support Children's Spirituality?

File Downloads

First Day School Planning Calendar 2021-2022

This printable planner provided by the Quaker Religious Education Collaborative makes planning for First Day School week by week a little simpler

Resources for Welcoming Families

This is a nine-page collection of best practices and sample resources for welcoming families with children into the life of your Meeting.

Welcoming Children into Worship and Prayer

This forteen-page packet is a short collection of introductions into Quaker worship and spiritual practices geared towards children and families.

Supporting Young People After a Tragedy

This three-page handout offers tips for how to support youth after a tragic event.

Youth Ministry Takeaways

Based on observations from our recent Vibrant Meetings Project, this two-page handout briefly explains best practices related to local youth ministries

Jugar llenos de fe

This 97-page PDF is a complete Spanish language translation of the "Faith and Play" experiential, story based religious education guide

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