How We Do Things

This page provides visual aids and other resources describing on New England Yearly Meeting approaches our shared work.

Scroll down to find more resources in the downloads section below, including guidelines for written reports to the Permanent Board and the Forms of Service map.

Graphic depicting how the various organizational groups of New England Quakers related to each other

How the various organizational groups of New England Yearly Meeting of Friends relate to each other

Flow of annual discernment about funding priorities

How New England Quakers decide what our funding priorities will be for the annual budget

Designing Strategic Communications

Envisioning, creating, and coordinating integrated communications on behalf of New England Quakers

File Downloads

Funding Priorities Process

A diagram of the process for consultation and discernment to prepare funding priorities to inform the Yearly Meeting's annual budget planning process.

Structural Org Chart for New England Quakers

A chart illustrating the various local congregations, committees, and working groups through which, with partnership and support from the Yearly Meeting staff, New England Quakers discern, organize, and express their service and witness in the world. 

Strategic Communications Process

A graphic guide with step-by-step questions for preparing integrated communications on behalf of New England Yearly Meeting of Friends.

Guidelines and Template for Written Report to Permanent Board

Use this to create your report or proposal for corporate discernment

Forms of Service Chart

A visual aid for understanding the different forms used for collaborative service such as standing committees, working groups, and teams.