About Faith and Practice

Faith and Practice attempts to communicate to members and inquirers the historical and continuing faith of Friends and to outline procedures to be followed by meetings regarding membership, organization, the conduct of their affairs, and the concerns of the Society.

New England Yearly Meeting approved undertaking a revision of its 1985 Faith and Practice at its sessions in 2000 and a Faith and Practice Revision Committee was appointed at its sessions the following year. These web pages are intended to convey an overall sense of its work since 2001 and to encourage NEYM Friends' participation in the process.

In 2014 the Committee assembled the fruits of 13 years of work as an Interim Faith and Practice, which contained all chapters which at that time had been given preliminary approval, the Appendices Working Paper (inviting comments), and a section articulating the work in progress. To encourage engagement with the book, a Study Guide is included with print versions.