Engage with Texts Currently Under Discussion

In 2018, the Faith and Practice Revision Committee brought a text on Pastoral Care to Yearly Meeting Sessions and sent it out to the meetings and worship groups for comment. The text has been revised and will come back to the Yearly Meeting for further consideration.

In the fall of 2019, the Faith and Practice Revision committee mailed to all the monthly meetings and worship groups a copy of a draft chapter on Marriage, asking Friends to consider the text. Six meetings sent the committee their responses before the pandemic upended meeting schedules. The revised chapter on Marriage will come before 2022 Sessions for preliminary approval; the text is posted below.

In October 2021 the Yearly Meeting office emailed the draft chapter on Ministry & Counsel, together with a cover letter explaining the feedback we need from meetings. Those documents are posted below; every Friend is invited to download and read the chapter and participate in the discernment process.

File Downloads

Draft Table of Contents and Outline for Faith and Practice.pdf
October 2021 cover letter to meetings sent with Ministry & Counsel chapter
Draft chapter on Ministry & Counsel
Passages from the draft chapter on Ministry & Counsel

These passages from the draft chapter are offered for meeting and individual reflection and/or discussion.

Draft text on Pastoral Care
Chapter on Marriage with Appendix