Order or Download Faith and Practice

This page contains information on print and downloadable editions for both the current Faith and Practice which is in the process of being written, and the 1985 edition of Faith and Practice.

As new material for Faith and Practice receives preliminary approval, it will be posted online as well as included (as a separate document) with purchased copies of the Interim Faith and Practice and posted here for downloading.

Ordering the 2014 Interim Faith and Practice

Print copies of the NEYM Interim Faith and Practice 2014, including a Study Guide, are available by U.S. mail through Vintage Quaker Books.

You can purchase a copy by clicking here. Click here for the larger-print editionNote: You will be redirected to the secure website biblio.com.

To order by mail, send a check for $10 ($12 for the larger-print edition) with a note to:

Vintage Quaker Books
4 Mast Landing
Bath, ME 04530-2907
[email protected]

single pdf file of the book as well as the Study Guide can be downloaded free of charge, below.

1985 Faith and PracticeOnline and Print Editions

New England Yearly Meeting's Faith and Practice is also available to download in PDF, below, and can also be purchased as a hardbound book, which NEYM meetings may order at a discounted rate of $7/copy plus shipping and handling from the YM office. Individuals may purchase a copy online through Vintage Quaker Books, or at the NEYM Sessions bookstore in August—but first, check to see if your meeting has copies available.

Please scroll down this page for a link to read Faith and Practice on the website and to find files that you can download.

File Downloads

Interim Faith & Practice with Study Guide

This is the "larger print" version as published in 2015. The pages are letter-size paper.

2019 Supplement: Membership and Dying, Death & Bereavement

This is text that has received preliminary approval since 2015. The pages are letter-sized.

Booklet version of 2019 Supplement: Membership and Dying, Death & Bereavement

Texts approved at Annual Sessions 2019, formatted to print 2 pages per side on letter-size paper and fold in half to form a booklet

Booklet version of Study Guide

This is the study guide included in the 2015 printing; it was not included in the original 2014 printing. It is formatted to print 2 pages per side on letter-size paper and fold in half to form a booklet.

Study Guide - letter format

This is the same text as the booklet version, but formatted to print one page per sheet of paper.

1985 Faith & Practice—letter format