Local Meetings

At the heart of the Quaker movement are local spiritual communities where the practice of Friends' faith is encouraged. Across New England and beyond, we nurture, support, and challenge each other as we journey together. 

Many of our congregations have monthly meeting in their name. This refers to how often they meet for business (community decision-making). It does not mean they only worship once a month!

Similarly, the terms preparative meeting and worship group relate to how the meeting conducts business decisions.

Some of our congregations are pastoral meetings (often called programmed or semi-programmed), meaning a pastor leads worship, which may involve hymns, a sermon and silent worship. Most of our meetings are unprogrammed, meaning worship is based in silence—while no pastor is appointed, participants may offer vocal ministry as led.

Quarterly meetings are designed to bring together a larger group for inspiration and counsel and to consider more varied interests than any single meeting (local congregation) embraces.

A quarterly meeting consists of the entire membership of its constituent monthly meetings. Each monthly meeting appoints representatives to attend the sessions, although all other members are encouraged to attend and take part.

The tiles below link to the list of local congregations in that region. 

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2024 Meeting Directory Feb 2024

A list of meetings by Quarter, including address and contact information

Includes meetings in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts
Includes all of New Hampshire except the far western portion.
Includes meetings in southern Maine, as far north as Durham
Includes meetings in Vermont and parts of New Hampshire
Includes meetings in eastern Massachusetts
Includes meetings on Cape Cod, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard
Includes meetings in Rhode Island and central Massachusetts
Includes meetings in Maine from Damariscotta and northward