Virtual Clerking and Discernment

Quakers make group decisions by listening for unity. When we are not able to gather in person, we must adapt our practices to allow for new ways of listening. Scroll down to find resources for conducting business in the manner of Friends virtually.

Clerks Talk: A Conversation About Bringing Business Meeting Online

Hear experienced virtual clerk Emily Provance (of Fifteenth Street Meeting in New York Yearly Meeting) talk with Fritz Weiss, former presiding clerk of New England Yearly Meeting and experienced monthly meeting clerk, about how monthly meeting clerks and others can bring Meeting for Business to an online format such as Zoom.

Virtual Clerking

For additional tips and reflections on clerking virtually, visit Emily Provance's blog post on the topic.

To participate in an on-going conversation with other Friends about this topic and other aspects of gathering virtually, we have set up a forum for discussion via Slack (an online discussion tool). If you would like to join our Slack channel (online chat group) about virtual gathering contact us. If you are new to Slack (as many of us are!), you can learn more on the brief “how-to” linked here.

File Downloads

Advices and Queries for Electronic Meetings

Our four-page guide on the spiritual and practical aspects of meeting electronically

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