For Clerks

The whole meeting shifted at that moment. Clearness was discovered not in the details but in the willingness to move forward, to become unstuck, to shift to a sense of possibility and wondering what might be next.

Kathleen Wooten, Fresh Pond (MA) Meeting

Clerks play a special role serving as facilitators of the group decision-making process. With prayerful holding, the clerk guides a meeting, committee, or other group towards increased understanding of how God is leading them.

The Clerk's Experience

In this short video, Arthur Larabee, a Philadelphia area Friend and experienced clerk, describes how to clerk a business meeting.

How to Clerk a Quaker Business Meeting

File Downloads

Clerking Workshop Packet

This six-page packet was compiled by Jackie Stillwell and Arthur Larabee to teach about clerking

Extended Clerking Workshop Packet

This sixty-five page packet gathers all of the materials used at a recent clerk's training including an overview of Friends decision-making and tips for clerks and recording clerks.

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