Tax Exemption for Local Meetings

Quaker meetings which are members of New England Yearly Meeting can document their 501(c)(3) status by joining our federal group exemption. Explanatory presentations and some tools are gathered below. Invitations are being sent to local meetings treasurers and finance clerks; please contact the Yearly Meeting office if you would like another copy.

Sales tax is a state tax, so sales tax-exemption documents vary by state; for more information, please contact Frederick Martin, the accounts manager.

EINs, 501(c)(3), NEYM, & Your Meeting - explore the presentation

Here you can explore "EINs, 501(c)(3), NEYM & Your Meeting" as a dynamic presentation (Prezi).  Originally presented at NEYM's 2018 Money & Spirit workshop, it has been updated for 2021.

Click on topics that interest you, or move around among different sections; or use the arrows at the bottom of the screen to move through the full presentation page-by-page. 

File Downloads

How to get an EIN—for NEYM Meetings

These screen shots will show you how to navigate the IRS website to their EIN application tool, and guide you through answering the initial questions in the application. 15 page excerpt from "EINs 501(c)(3) NEYM & You"

Template for local meeting authorization letter

For use in joining the NEYM group exemption; please see instructions in invitation letter

EINs 501c3 NEYM & Your Meeting

Quaker meeting tax-exempt status, the new relationship between tax identification numbers and tax-exempt status, why your meeting needs a tax ID number, and how the Yearly Meeting can help. 54-page PDF file

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