For Nominators

Nominating is the way we draw out gifts and grow leadership in our Quaker communities. Nominators sit at the intersection of the meeting's needs and individual spiritual journeys. This work is deeply relationship-based and involves seeing the "big picture" of our ever-evolving meeting communities as well as the details involved in getting various tasks done. In many of our meetings, nominators quietly and lovingly engage in the one-on-one conversations that help our meetings thrive. Scroll down to download resources on best practices in nominating.


Components of Nominating: Welcome Spirit at the center. Going clockwise: Visioning and identifying what's needed next, noticing patterns, naming and nurturing gifts, building capacity (in people and systems), feedback and evaluation, gratitude and recognition,

Components of Nominating Wheel, created by NiaDwynwen Thomas, 2021.

The Wholistic Components of Nominating Work

A video presentation by Jacqueline Stillwell

File Downloads

The Role of Nominating Committee (Dover)

A letter from Dover (NH) Meeting's Nominating Committee to the meeting framing what's at the heart of their role

Workshop Notes from BYM Nominating Workshop

Six pages of detailed notes and resources from a 2019 workshop on Nominating as Eldering sponsored by Baltimore Yearly Meeting

Spiritual Gifts Catalogue

This 11-page handout created by Betsy Meyer offers a guide for Friends seeking to better understand their spiritual gifts

Strawberry Creek Nominating Process

A description of a method used for nominating that prioritizes worshipful listening over elimination

Woodbrooke Nominating Pamphlet Summary

A short summary of a pamphlet by Woodbrooke Quaker Study Center on the "why" behind how Quakers approach nominating

Woodbrooke Nominations Pamphlet

A four-page full-color pamphlet about why Quakers approach nominating the way they do