Legacy Gift Committee Announces Future Fund Grants

Dear Friends Everywhere,

The Legacy Gift Committee of New England Yearly Meeting is pleased to announce the NEYM Future Fund grants for Fall 2020.

Beacon Hill Friends House and Lisa Graustein: To fund the virtual course Responding to the Call. At Sessions 2019, Friends in NEYM were called to reduce our ecological footprints by 10% in the following year. At Sessions 2020, Friends in NEYM were called to understand our commitments to challenging white supremacy and addressing climate change as part of the same work, and to acknowledge our part in settler-colonialism and begin the work of reparations with the Indigenous Peoples of the Northeast on whose homelands we live. Beacon Hill Friends House and Lisa Graustein (Three Rivers & Beacon Hill Friends Meetingss) will be offering a 2-month virtual course to support Friends in responding to these spiritual calls to live our faith more fully. Grant: $2,000.

In support of Dover Friends Meeting’s continuing sanctuary witness and for Dover Friends Meeting renovations for sanctuary ministry, including required fire safety renovations to the 1768 meetinghouse in order that they continue to provide safety and refuge to asylum seekers fleeing violence in their home countries and to released detainees needing short-term housing for quarantine or while waiting for a host home. Grant: $11,209.30. 

Friends Camp: To make property modifications and improvements required to safely host camp in a time of COVID-19. These updates include ventilation improvements, outdoor program areas, and health center modifications. Grant: $10,000.

Gonic Monthly Meeting: For replacement of a leaky roof to protect the building and so the meetinghouse may be available for use by Yearly Meeting committees, quarterly meeting, and other Friends groups, as well as being welcoming to the public. Grant: $10,000.

Hal Weaver and the Black Quaker Project:  To support Harold Weaver in continuing to conduct, collect, and preserve videotaped interviews with Quakers of color for the Quakers of Color International Archive (QCIA). Grant: $5,000.

Woolman Hill Retreat Center: to undertake major renovations on the main conference center building, including the construction of a two-story addition. The new energy-efficient space will provide fully accessible ground-floor accommodations, increased privacy, and additional bathrooms. Grant: $10,000.

Application Deadlines: 

Our next deadline is March 15, 2021, for the Witness & Ministry Fund. We will be accepting applications for the NEYM Witness and Ministry Fund.  Guidelines and application form are available here.

The Future Fund will no longer accept applications, having fulfilled our charge to expend the monies in it with the fall 2020 round just completed.

If you have questions about any part of the Legacy grant program, please contact the co-clerks at [email protected]

Yours in the Light,

Mary Link and Sue Rockwood, co-clerks

NEYM Legacy Gift Committee: Kristna Evans (Durham), Sarah Gant (Beacon Hill), Craig Jensen (Monadnock), Ed Mair (Amesbury), Sue Rockwood (Midcoast), Mary Link (Mt Toby); ex officio:, Bruce Neumann (Fresh Pond) NEYM presiding clerk; Robert Murray (Beacon Hill), NEYM treasurer; Leslie Manning (Durham) NEYM Permanent Board clerk.