Applying for a Legacy Grant

The NEYM Legacy Gift Committee has completed four years of the Future Fund and has awarded a total of $517,000 for New England Friends work in the world.

In fall 2019, the Committee will take a break from reviewing applications to consider management of the remaining balance in the Future Fund, which is approximately $50,000. We will also be reviewing key policies we have developed over the past four years.

The next deadline for the Witness and Ministry Fund will be March 2, 2020.

Updated guidelines and application forms for the Witness and Ministry Fund are posted below

Also posted below are (1) advice from the Yearly Meeting treasurer about tax issues; and (2) a grant report form.

Repeat Requests

Grantees must submit a final report before applying for another Legacy Grant.

It is the Legacy Gift Committee’s goal to nurture and support leadings of the spirit among us across the whole Yearly Meeting; however our funds are limited. Repeat funding requests may be submitted and will be considered in light of current priorities and all other requests during the funding cycle. 

Reviewers reflect on many factors such as current NEYM goals, demographics, geography, and resources available to applicants. We want to be mindful to include potential applicants who are newer, under-represented, or have less experience in Yearly Meeting.

Legacy funds should not be considered a sustaining grant and will not be approved for sustaining regular recurring operations costs.


Please submit a realistic budget which shows what you need to be released and faithfully carry out the leading or project, and other resources available to help fund your project. The LGC may contact an applicant to discuss potential increases or decreases to their budget.

Time-sensitive requests for funding

The Legacy Gift Committee will continue to consider funding requests for time-sensitive projects that take place outside of regular deadlines (March 1 and October 1) through March 31, 2020. The Committee will consider time-sensitive applications on a rolling basis, with a minimum of a month's notice.

This process is intended to enable timely support for participation in or provision of trainings, conferences or other time-sensitive events or projects that fit Legacy funding criteria (including support, oversight and reporting). The maximum grant is $1,000.

Applicants should follow the Legacy guidelines and application procedures and use the 2020 NEYM Future Fund application form, below. 

Have further questions?

If you have questions about any part of the Legacy grant program, please contact the co-clerks (link below) or call the Yearly Meeting office (508-754-6760).

File Downloads

Legacy Gift Fund Guidelines 2020
NEYM Witness & Ministry Fund Application (Word)
NEYM Future Fund Application (Word)
Information regarding payments subject to taxes
Grant Report Form