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Meetings by Quarter

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List of Quarters

Quarterly meetings are designed to bring together a larger group for inspiration and counsel and to consider more varied interests than any single meeting embraces.


A quarterly meeting consists of the entire membership of its constituent monthly meetings. Each monthly meeting appoints representatives to attend the sessions, although all other members are encouraged to attend and take part.


Officers of the quarterly meeting consist of a clerk, an assistant or recording clerk, and a treasurer, whose names should be presented by a nominating committee to the quarterly meeting for its approval. A nominating committee should be appointed annually to serve throughout the year. Additional nominations may be suggested by any member in the sessions of the quarterly meeting. The quarterly meeting also appoints any committees or representatives needed for carrying on its work. Quarterly meeting ministry and counsel consists of all members of Ministry and Counsel of the constituent monthly meetings.


The quarterly meeting has care and oversight of the monthly meetings and worship groups within its area. It may review their proceedings and examine their records so that any irregularities in proceedings may be corrected by the monthly meeting. It shall receive appeals from decisions of monthly meetings and decide upon them and shall grant appeals from its own decision to the Permanent Board of Yearly Meeting.

The quarterly meeting receives the State of Society, statistical, and other reports from its monthly meetings and forwards its own State of Society report and other such messages and concerns to the Yearly Meeting.

Responsibility for setting up, discontinuing, transferring or combining monthly meetings belongs to the quarterly meeting. All such actions taken should be reported to the Yearly Meeting. It may also have responsibility for the care of new worship groups.

A quarterly meeting may record Friends with gifts in the ministry. It may also endorse travel minutes for any of its members who feel called to travel in the ministry outside the quarterly meeting.

The Advices and Queries should be read regularly in whole or in part in quarterly meeting sessions and time allowed for prayerful consideration.


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