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Quaker Employment & Service Opportunities

This page contains listings for paid and volunteer opportunities with Friends meetings or other Friends organizations. The position title links to details and application information, if available.

We attempt to make sure that the information provided here is up to date; however, interested applicants should confirm the application deadline and other details for each employment or volunteer opportunity.

Employment Opportunities

child-care coordinator | neym annual sessions

Castleton, VT | Full-time, temporary
Posted Feb 2016 | Until filled
The Child-Care Coordinator is responsible for all aspects of the child care program at Annual Sessions, including selecting, training, and supervising volunteer staff. The Coordinator receives a room-and-board fee waiver and a modest stipend. Contact the JYM-JHYM Coordinator.

General Bookstore Manager | NEYM ANNUAL SESSIONS

Castleton, VT | Full-time, temporary
Posted Feb 2016 | Until filled
The General Bookstore Manager is purchases inventory, handles sales, and returns inventory; schedules, trains and supervises volunteer support; and is responsible for safe handling of cash. The Manager receives a room-and-board fee waiver and a modest stipend. Contact the Yearly Meeting secretary.

Office assistant | NEYM ANNUAL SESSIONS

Castleton, VT | Full-time, temporary
Posted Feb 2016 | Until filled
The Office Assistant provides support to the Office Manager, including typing, entering data, producing documents, and otherwise helping to meet logistical and administrative needs during Annual Sessions. The Office Assistant receives a room-and-board fee waiver and a modest stipend. Contact the Office Manager.

Executive Director | Beacon Hill Friends House

Boston, MA | Full-time
The ideal candidate has demonstrated skills in servant leadership including leadership and supervision of diverse communities, translating vision into action, capacity to live in and lead an intentional community, team-building, prudent financial management, and good humor in challenging times.

resident chef/kitchen manager | Beacon Hill friends house

Boston, MA | 3/4-time
Posted Feb 2017 | Until filled
Managing the kitchen and planning and preparing dinners Sundays through Thursdays, with only occasional weekend work, for free room and board, an additional salary, health insurance and other benefits.

General Secretary | New York Yearly Meeting

New York, NY | Full-time
Posted Feb 2017 | Deadline Apr 1, 2017
The ideal candidate is a servant leader with strong spiritual grounding, abilities in both administration and ministry, good understanding of Quaker process, and demonstrated skills in a number of areas. Contact: [email protected]

resident manager | William Penn house

Washington, DC | Full-time
Posted Nov 15, 2016 | Until filled
William Penn House seeks a resident manager, with responsibilities for overseeing the facility and community, creating a welcoming Quaker environment for guests and permanent residents. F/friends with a passion for Quaker activism, living in faith-based community, and/or radical hospitality are encouraged to apply.

Education Manager | Pendle Hill

Wallingford, PA | Full-time
Posted Dec 21, 2016 | Until filled
The Education Manager supports and oversees the successful delivery of all the educational programs and functions at Pendle Hill. The person in this role brings appreciation for our community and excitement for educational programs and will work hard to ensure that they are on mission, toward vision, and are effective, timely and powerful.

Facilities Manager | Pendle Hill

Wallingford, PA | Full-time
Posted Nov. 28, 2016 | Until filled
The Facilities Manager supervises and performs the work of maintaining and improving  the physical plant and has a strong working knowledge of the trades (HVAC, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, roofing, painting, etc.), providing technical expertise for all physical plant issues and concerns.

Pastor | Indianapolis First Friends

Indianapolis, IN | Full-time
December 2016 | Until filled
The pastor provides Spirit-filled leadership and care to the community of Indianapolis First Friends Meeting, including regular messages at Meeting for Worship.

Pastoral Leadership | West Richmond Friends Meeting

Richmond, IN | Full- or part-time
March 2017 | Until filled
West Richmond Friends Meeting requests proposals from individuals who wish to explore a calling to full- or part-time leadership in Pastoral Ministry and/or Religious Education. We will accept proposals immediately until the opening is filled.

Director | QUEST

Seattle, WA | Part-time
January 2017 | Until filled
The QuEST Director support six volunteers through a year of simple living and service. The position starts April 15th; application deadline is March 1st. For more information, including a full job description and list of responsibilities, please email [email protected].

director of belize friends ministries | Friends United meeting

Belize | Full-time
Posted Jan 2016 | Until filled
FUM is seeking applications for a Director of Belize Friends Ministries. This full-time, long-term field staff position will have primary management responsibility for coordinating all of FUM’s work in Belize. Contact Eden Grace, Director of Global Ministries, 765-962-7373, [email protected]

Head of School | Friends United Meeting

Ramallah Friends School | Full-time
Posted Sept 2016 | Until filled
The Head of School is the senior member of the RFS staff, responsible for ensuring FUM’s faithful stewardship as owners of the school and shepherding its mission of providing a distinctively Friends education to Palestinian boys and girls.

Quaker Life Coordinator | Friends United Meeting

Ramallah Friends School | Full-time
Posted Dec 2016 | Until filled
This long-term field staff position, to be filled by a mature Christian Quaker, will include developing ethics curriculum, supporting the teachers of the Christianity curriculum (government-mandated for Christian students) and facilitating a deepening understanding and practice of Quakerism throughout the whole school, as wel as many responsibilities.


East Africa | Full-time
Posted Feb 2016 | Until filled
The Programme Officer works alongside other members of the Africa Ministries team to fulfill their shared mission objectives. The Programme Officer focuses particularly on communication, project management and cross-cultural facilitation

Volunteer Service Opportunities

Volunteers | FCNL

Washington, DC
FCNL volunteers work in the FCNL office performing tasks such as answering phones, greeting visitors, responding to information requests, and contacting our constituents.

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