We’re Hiring! Teen and Outreach Ministries Coordinator

Have you felt the Spirit leading you to deepen your commitment to service in support of Quaker spirituality, life, and practice, for the present and future of Friends? Do you see exciting possibilities for new ways young Quakers and  Quaker-curious people can plug into the richness Quakerism has to offer and grow in their gifts? Do you love spending time in silly play and centered presence with teens? Do you have a good sense of humor, a willing heart, and a team spirit?

If so, we’d love to hear from you.

We’re excited to announce the search for a Friend to serve as New England Yearly Meeting’s Teen and Outreach Ministries Coordinator—a newly developed role intended to build on the learning in recent years of Friends across New England about faith formation, leadership development, and outreach, especially to and with young people.

The service of the Teen & Outreach Ministries Coordinator is a continuation of the Yearly Meeting’s commitment to ministry to, for, and with teen and younger adults over many years, and a sharpening of our purpose to meet, engage with, and encourage the faith journeys of teen and younger adults, especially those who may be seeking a spiritual community relevant to their lives and yearnings, including those finding Friends for the first time. This highly collaborative role will involve continuing attention to an annual schedule of retreats for Quaker—and “Quaker-curious”—teens and young adults across the Northeast, as well as exploration of new ways of connecting, learning, growing, and discovering themselves spiritually.   Read the full job description for this part-time role below or in the downloads section.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis beginning October 30, 2023

A note on timing: While we’re excited for the person serving in this new role to get started, we’re also clear that this will be an ongoing process of discernment until the person who is the right fit for this service at this time is found, and we are seeking applicants widely, so we have no fixed deadline for applications. If your life circumstances mean you would need more time to adjust or complete other commitments to make this role possible, please be in touch with us. More important than timing is the clarity of leading and the alignment of vision, gifts, skills, qualities, and experience of the applicant with the discernment and ongoing work of the Yearly Meeting. 

Please send inquiries, and to apply, letters of interest, to the search committee.

Job Description
Teen & Outreach Ministries Coordinator
New England Yearly Meeting of Friends

Primary Functions

The Teen & Outreach Ministries Coordinator serves to create, identify, curate, track, coordinate, integrate, promote, and evaluate opportunities and resources for spiritual formation, leadership development, and training in Quaker practice for Quaker-curious seekers and Friends newer to Quaker practice, with particular attention and care for teens and young adults. The Coordinator works closely with the Program Director and Youth Ministries staff to ensure strategic integration of the programmatic ministries of the Yearly Meeting, as well as to care for relationships and the development and expression of younger Friends’ gifts.

In this way, the Teen and Seekers Ministries Coordinator plays a critical role in the Yearly Meeting’s overall work to foster a thriving multigenerational Quaker movement in New England—the wider web of Friends Meetings, Friends who make up those local meetings, and those served or reached by the life and ministry of Friends throughout the region.

Through their service, the Teen & Outreach Ministries Coordinator ministers to, and provides leadership, connection, and nurture for:

  1. “Seekers”, one way of describing those exploring if and how the Quaker way is for them; with particular attention to teenage youth who have grown up as Friends or Quaker-adjacent (including involvement with Friends schools, camping programs, etc.), as well as to young adults who are curious about or seeking to deepen their engagement with Quakerism;
  2. Families of teens participating in Quaker activities in New England;
  3. Friends engaged in ministry to/with seekers, young adults, and/or teenage youth throughout the region, with a particular emphasis on ministry grounded in local Friends meetings and worship groups.

Serving closely with other staff and volunteers, the Coordinator carries responsibilities, directly or through delegation and collaboration, for strategic communications, programmatic vision, pastoral care at teen and seeker events, and leadership for the Young Friends (YF) retreats and retreats for younger adults (~ages 18 to 25); and for high-school-age and young adult-specific programming as part of Annual Sessions. This includes supervision and nurture of retreat staff, and support for tending to relationships of ongoing pastoral care and accompaniment with teens and families.

Hours and Work Site

This role is currently budgeted as a part-time hourly position (approximately 25 hours per week) including a significant number of weekend commitments. The Coordinator travels regularly in ministry in the New England region. Beyond the specific needs for in-person presence, provided internet access and necessary equipment are sufficient, the Coordinator’s work site is flexible. Attendance at in-person staff gatherings approximately monthly is hoped for.

Supervision and Oversight

The Teen & Outreach Ministries Coordinator is supervised by the Program Director, and is an active collaborative member of the staff Youth Ministries Team and Communications Team. The Coordinator supervises the volunteers who serve as staff for Young Friends retreats and teen programming, and other activities under their care.


The Teen & Outreach Ministries Coordinator shall be a Friend active in New England Yearly Meeting with a strong understanding of Quaker faith and practice. They should bring a clear sense of energy and enthusiasm for welcoming people, as they might be led, to find a spiritual home in the Quaker tradition, and in Friends worshiping communities. Additional qualifications should include training and experience in working with older youth, with a background/experience in youth ministry or education preferred.

The Teen & Outreach Ministries Coordinator’s life will witness to Friends’ testimonies. The Coordinator should demonstrate strong communication skills in speaking and writing. They should be able to develop, manage & facilitate programming for large and small groups of teens and adults; relate well to parents and local youth workers, delegate & supervise the work of others; and respond appropriately to a wide variety of inquiries. They should be proficient in the use of collaborative and communications technology, including social media.

Functions and Tasks

Pastoral and Programmatic

  • With the staff Youth Ministries Team, set annual goals for YF & younger adult Friends programming, and schedule retreats and other activities to meet those goals
  • With the Program Director, set goals for each retreat or event
  • Plan, prepare, implement, execute, and evaluate the program for YF and YAF retreats; coordinating with and supporting the emerging leadership of stipend co-coordinators when applicable.
  • Hold the overall programmatic and pastoral framing for YF, younger adult, and “Seekers” events.
  • Supervise the planning, coordination & logistics for YF, younger adult, and “Seekers” events
  • Supervise planning, execution, and coordination of the YF & younger adult Friends (ages ~18 to 25) programs at Sessions (August)
  • With the Program Director, advise & support “bridging” opportunities for teenage and young adult Friends between “stepping stones” on their Quaker journey (for example, recent high school or college graduates)
  • With the Children and Family Ministries Coordinator, plan and coordinate youth staff trainings at least once annually
  • With the Children and Family Ministries Coordinator, plan and coordinate “bridging” opportunities between JHYM & YFs
  • Recruit Friends to work with Young Friends as staff and resource people as needed
  • Supervise all adults who interact with the Young Friends program, including maintaining appropriate procedures for child safety following Yearly Meeting guidelines and procedures
  • Select and recommend for hiring short-term assistant coordinators for retreats and Sessions; provide training and supervision their work
  • When called upon and as way opens, attend to and facilitate ministry among youth, their family members, and youth staff in times of loss, crisis, or other challenging life events. [Note: the purpose of this pastoral care is to support positive participation at NEYM activities and to connect individuals with local pastoral care supports for ongoing care]

Financial & Planning

  • Budget & manage retreat finances, ensure collection of retreat fees and submission of financial reports
  • Submit hours weekly and plan for responsible use of work hours, supported by the Program Director and Yearly Meeting Secretary as needed

Staff Community

  • Encourage and contribute to a responsive, flexible, prayerful & effective staff team, building up the Quaker movement in New England
  • As possible and supportive, attend in-person workdays, and consistently in staff meetings by videoconference

Information Management

  • Make updates to information in the database as assigned


  • Maintain relevant content and sections of neym.org as assigned
  • Engage seekers, young adults, high-school-aged youth, families, and youth ministers via e-newsletter and social media as assigned
  • Communicate through phone, email, etc. to support retreat organizing & outreach
  • Contribute content as requested for NEYM e-newsletters and other communications


  • Report directly to the Program Director and ultimately to the Yearly Meeting Secretary
  • Regularly share reflections and reports on recent activities (retreats, other programming) with the staff Youth Ministries Team, volunteer partners, and other relevant groups
  • Maintain familiarity and act in accordance with current NEYM Personnel, Child Safety, Communications, and Data Privacy policies, and other relevant policies and procedures
  • Submit expense reimbursement requests to Accounts Manager, and other reports, in a timely fashion
  • With supervisor’s support if needed, seek ongoing spiritual & emotional care from a support committee, elder, or spiritual nurturer


This is a part-time position with a base rate of approximately $20/hour, with additional starting base pay depending on experience and qualifications, and future eligibility for annual Cost of Living Adjustment and merit increases. As planned with the supervisor, this position is eligible for overtime (1.5x hourly rate beyond 40 hours/week). Benefits include an annual employee retirement contribution of 10% of earned wages (with no employee contribution required); health and dependent care flexible spending accounts (Section 125); prorated paid time off and funds supporting an annual spiritual retreat; flexible holidays and working hours; professional development, networking, and collaborative opportunities; and more.

Approved 9/5/2023

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Job Description: Teen & Outreach Ministries Coordinator