Frequently Asked Questions about Sessions

Q:  I haven’t registered for Sessions. Can I still go?
A: If you are planning to attend in person you need to register by July 29. Due to COVID restrictions, walk-on registration is not allowed this year.  If you want to attend online you can register at any time.

Q: How do I upload my COVID vaccination records?
A: We are using a system called Camp Brain to record and store medical information this year, including COVID vaccination records. There is a video explaining the whole process on the Registering for On-Campus page and the specific instructions for uploading records begins about 12 minutes into the video.

Q:  I only want to go to one part of Sessions. Do I really need to register?
A: Yes, we need to know who is on campus for contact tracing and who is online for safety reasons. You also need to register to receive the Zoom links for online Sessions events. Sessions is a pay-as-led event so you can set the amount—even $0—you are led to support Sessions with.  

Q: I am registering to attend online. How will I get the links?
A: The links will come in a daily email from the Yearly Meeting. If you do not see your Yearly Meeting News please check your spam folder (in Gmail it may be in “Promotions”) and add [email protected] to your contact list.

Q: Will Sessions be recorded?
A: The Bible Half Hour and Plenary Sessions will be recorded and posted to the Yearly Meeting website and on the Yearly Meeting YouTube channel.

Q: Will there be a list of Sessions attendees?
Yes, a list of Friends who opted to share their information will be sent to other Friends who chose to do the same by Monday.

Q: I need to change my HomeGroup or want to join a HomeGroup.
    Email [email protected]

Q: I have a general concern or question about Home Groups.
    Contact the Home Group Coordinators at [email protected]

Q:  I am joining online. How can I turn on closed captions?
On your Zoom screen, you should see a button marked “CC” and labeled “Live Transcript.” Click on that button and then click “Enable.”