Zoom How-To's

There are two important aspects to using Zoom: knowing how it works, and preparing your own meeting space. This page contains both the how-to's and some considerations for gathering via Zoom.

When you register for Sessions, you will receive the link(s) you need to join the event(s) you register for. You must register in order to receive links.

How Zoom Works

Are you new to Zoom videoconferencing? Simply joining a meeting on Zoom is relatively easy; the app (program) will automatically download the first time you join a meeting. Here is a video from the Zoom website to show you how to join a meeting. You may want to download Zoom in advance and join a test meeting to familiarize yourself with Zoom before the first Session event.

Last year David Coletta put together a video explaining how to use Zoom for Session.  Although there have been some changes to Zoom over the last year (for example, "Raise Hand" is now found in Reactions), it is still a very helpful guide for this year's Sessions. The video shows how to use Zoom on a Mac, a Windows PC, a Chromebook, and a smart phone.

How to Use Zoom

If you don't have a computer, you can join by telephone. If it's safe to do so, invite a friend who doesn't have a computer to join you for Session events.

Written instructions and tips for using Zoom are also provided in the files for downloading, below (scroll down).

Preparing Your Space for Sessions

Of course meeting via Zoom is not the same as being physically together, but there are some things that may help you feel more present with Friends.

Create a comfortable space where you can sit or stand during meetings. Think about what you might need—tea, water, a snack, your knitting, the Advance Documents. If possible, customize your space with meaningful objects that will make it feel special, even sacred.

Consider what you can bring to the gathering and what you would like to "take home" from it. This coloring page may help you with this preparation.

Do what you can to avoid interruptions:

  • If your situation allows, disconnect or turn off phones and other devices that might cause distractions. Close other tabs on your browser (or close other apps if you are joining on your phone).
  • Let others know you will not be available.

File Downloads

Zoom Meeting Basics

This two-page handout, created by Durham (ME) Friend Craig Freshley, explains how to use Zoom for first-time users

Tips for Using Zoom
How to Use Zoom

How to get Zoom on your computer or smartphone and how to use it