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New England Yearly Meeting celebrates the work of the Spirit amongst Quaker organizations and projects in our region, including:



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Connecting with the Global Quaker Movement

There are more than 370,000 Friends in the world, with incredibly diverse theologies, worship styles and cultural backgrounds. New England Yearly Meeting helps connect its members to the broader Religious Society of Friends by holding membership in and appointing representatives to Quaker organizations, as well as by nurturing our close relationship with Cuban Quakers.

A Bridge of Love with Cuban Quakers

For more than 20 years, New England and Cuban Friends have celebrated the Puente del Amor, the Bridge of Love—also sometimes called a "Bridge of Friends" or "Puente de Amigos"—between our two Yearly Meetings. Overcoming numerous barriers, we have established a strong tradition of intervisitation to one another’s annual sessions and local meetings.

New England Quakers' Puente de Amigos Committee cares for our side of this bridge—arranging hospitality and visits for Cuban Friends traveling in New England, readying New England Quaker delegations to Cuba for the spiritual and logistical challenges, and sharing news via a periodic newsletter.

Learn more about Puente de Amigos and our relationship with Cuban Quakers.

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