Permanent Board


The Permanent Board acts with the authority of the Yearly Meeting between Annual Sessions. It implements decisions and policy made by Sessions. It acts upon matters where, in the opinion of the Board, a decision cannot await Sessions. It seasons issues which come to its attention, presenting recommendations to Sessions if appropriate. On the recommendation of the Coordinating and Advisory Committee, it considers the work of Yearly Meeting committees.

Among its specific responsibilities [as described in the 1985 NEYM Faith and Practice, pp. 229-230]:

  • The Board inspects and perfects, when necessary, titles to lands and other estates belonging to the Yearly Meeting or any constituent body
  • It attends to the appropriation of charitable legacies and donations
  • It reviews and approves operating policies
  • It recommends to Sessions the appointment of managerial-level staff
  • To Sessions, it nominates the YM presiding clerk, recording clerks and reading clerks
  • It appoints
    • clerk and at-large members of the YM Nominating Committee
    • clerk of Friends Camp Committee
    • clerk and 50% of the Friends Camp Nominating Committee
    • YM appointments to Committee for Nurturing Friends Education at Moses Brown School (MBS) and YM representatives to MBS board
    • supervisor of the YM secretary
    • clerk and all members of the Permanent Board’s Personnel Committee.
  • It extends such advice and assistance to persons suffering for their testimonies as their cases may require and may petition the government or persons in authority on behalf of such sufferers.
  • It considers appeals forwarded to it by the quarterly meetings.
  • It hears and forwards for publication memorials of deceased members transmitted to it by quarterly meetings.
  • A Friend with a concern to be carried beyond the Yearly Meeting shall present a travel minute approved by their monthly meeting and endorsed by their quarterly meeting. If the Permanent Board unites with the concern, it may endorse the travel minute.
  • Consistent with Yearly Meeting’s policies, it may authorize budget expenditures beyond those approved in the annual budget.
  • It is accountable to and reports each year to Annual Sessions.


The Permanent Board publishes its minutes and reports of key news from its meetings. It ensures its agenda materials will be widely available, and encourages the participation of Friends from throughout New England. All Friends are invited to attend its meetings.

The Permanent Board may create and appoint subcommittees or ad-hoc working groups to carry out its various responsibilities. As of 2017, these subcommittees include: Clerks Nominating, Internal Nominating, Personnel, and Friends Camp Nominating.

The Board normally meets six times a year, including immediately prior to and following Annual Sessions. Special meetings may be called by the clerk and shall be called upon the request of ten members. Ten days’ notice of special meetings must be given in writing to all members, and the business to come before the special meeting must be stated in the call. At least one third of the total number of members is required for the transaction of business. While mindful of the importance of in person discernment, members may attend through communications technology at the discretion of the clerk.

Committee Resources

Past Work

This section includes links to past work and meeting minutes if available


  • The Yearly Meeting appoints the Permanent Board consisting of not more than 50 members, with each quarterly meeting represented. One fifth of the Board is appointed each year to serve for a term of 5 years, renewable once, with the approval of the Yearly Meeting. Any member of Permanent Board, including a member in their second term, may be appointed clerk. If appointment as clerk requires the Friend to serve beyond their second term, then their term will end upon conclusion of their service as clerk.
  • The Clerk of the Permanent Board is approved by the Permanent Board at the recommendation of the Permanent Board’s Internal Nominating Committee. The clerk serves a 3-year term.
  • Ex officio members of the Permanent Board are: the YM Presiding Clerk, the YM Secretary, the YM Treasurer, Clerk of Finance Committee, the clerk of YM Ministry and Counsel, the immediate past YM Presiding Clerk, and the Supervisor to the YM Secretary.
Leslie Manning