Legacy Gift


The Legacy Gift Committee was appointed by Annual Sessions in 2014 to develop procedures and oversee the disbursement of monies from the funds created with the proceeds of the sale of the New England Friends Home.

The purpose of the Legacy Gift Funds is to support the ministries of New England Yearly Meeting Friends, both within and beyond our region.

Guided by our living testimonies, we seek to strengthen our Witness through the funding of public and released ministry, beginning with attention to Racism and Climate Change and understanding that this is a starting point and concerns beyond these may also be funded. We seek to nurture our beloved community through the support of education, outreach, released ministry and meetinghouse projects. The Legacy Funds will serve as potent seeds to help Friends answer God’s call in our time and to strengthen the new life that is already rising up in our Yearly Meeting.

Further details as well as application guidelines and an application form can be found here.


The Committee meets regularly throughout the year.

The Funds

NEYM Witness and Ministry Fund

Income from this fund will be awarded annually to support released ministry activities until 2024. The designation will then be revisited to discern if it is still serving a vital purpose, or if the funds should be put to another use. Change in this designation or time-table requires approval at Annual Sessions. (See Minute 2014-62).

NEYM Future Fund

This fund is not currently active. The Legacy Gift Committee fulfilled its charge for this fund by granting all of the funds deposited in it. The last round of grants from the Future Fund was November 9, 2020, and the remaining funds were awarded.  Witness and Ministry funds (see above) are still available.

The Future Fund sought to strengthen spirit-led witness through the funding of public and released ministry, supporting current NEYM priorities such as anti-racism, Native American concerns (including apologizing for harm by Quakers to Native Americans), climate change, and other areas of focus that Friends felt called to.

In the November 2020 cycle, priority was given to Friends and meetings that had not yet applied. We wanted to be mindful to include potential applicants who were newer, under-represented, or had less experience in Yearly Meeting.

Unless the fund becomes refreshed, there will be no more applications for the Future Fund.


“Grants … from both funds will be awarded to support the ministries of NEYM, both within and beyond New England, and will be made to committees of NEYM, its constituent monthly or quarterly meetings; to bodies of NEYM (e.g., NEYM staff, Young Friends, Young Adult Friends); as well as to individual members of NEYM monthly meetings under the direct care and oversight of one of the aforementioned committees, meetings or bodies of NEYM (e.g., for the release of a Friend to carry out work in the ministries of NEYM).” (NEYM Minute 2014-62)  Grants may also be made to New England Quaker organizations, such as Woolman Hill, AFSC, etc.

Application Process

The application is available on the NEYM website. Applications must be typed and emailed to [email protected], along with a letter of support from the monthly or quarterly meeting, NEYM Committee, or other New England Quaker organization that will have care of the proposed ministry or project. The committee will establish annual application deadlines. Apply now

Grant Decisions

Grant decisions will be made by the Legacy Gift Committee through prayerful discernment, based on a letter of support, an application letter, site visits whenever possible, and/or extensive phone conversations with the applicant(s). The Legacy Gift Committee strives to make the grant process effective and transparent. To this end, the committee publishes a list of all grants awarded during each grant funding cycle, and asks that committees, groups and individuals that receive grants agree to allow information about their funded projects to be included in reports and outreach materials of New England Yearly Meeting. The committee works with grantees receiving funding during the year to ensure that they report about their projects at Annual Sessions through participation in a committee workshop, creating a project display board, and through discussions with Friends.


When the Committee has completed its work determining grant awards, the Committee will communicate this information and an accompanying grant agreement promptly to the NEYM Treasurer, Accounts Manager, and the Yearly Meeting Secretary. The grant agreement and a check will then be sent to the individual, meeting, or organization at the address listed on the application.


The Legacy Gift Committee is expected to report each year to Annual Sessions during a Meeting for Business.

Grant recipients will be required to submit annual reports on the progress of funded projects for the duration of the project, and a final report when the project is completed. Any changes to funded projects that result in a major change in the budget require approval of the meeting or committee with oversight, and the Legacy Gift Committee.

Annual Workshop

The Legacy Gift Committee sponsors or co-sponsors an annual workshop on a topic related to fiscal responsibility, stewardship and accountability.

Committee Resources


The committee consists of at least nine members, named by the NEYM Nominating Committee and approved by the Yearly Meeting. Members serve for renewable, staggered 3-year terms.

The Yearly Meeting Presiding clerk, Permanent Board clerk, and Treasurer serve as ex-officio members.

Yearly Meeting Nominating Committee, in consultation with committee members, names the clerk of Legacy Gift Committee. This nomination is approved by the Yearly Meeting.

The Committee coordinates with and has linkages with Permanent Board, Finance Committee and Ministry and Counsel Committee Members of the Legacy Gift Committee should include Friends who:

  • Bring experience in grant writing and awarding
  • Are able to commit to the time expectations of the committee's work
  • Can actively reach out to applicants, and whenever possible meet them in person
  • Will respond to applicants in a fair, timely and supportive manner
  • Are able to help the group make decisions about competing priorities
  • Share a bold vision of the possibilities of what these funds could support.
Mary Link