Attending Quaker Meeting

What to Expect at Quaker Meeting for Worship

If there is a Quaker meeting or worship group in your area, you may be curious about attending a "meeting for worship." Our worship, which is open to all, is based on faith that, through inward listening, any person can enter into direct communion with the Divine.

Most Quakers in New England have a worship practice that is based on silent or "expectant" waiting, where we gather in extended silence and expect to come into the presence of God. When any individual feels called by the Spirit to offer a message with the group, they speak (or sometimes sing or move) from the silence.

In a few meetings in New England, a pastor or other designated individual prepares a message ahead of the worship gathering and the worship may include pre-selected songs and devotional readings as well.

Regardless of the form of worship, we believe each individual contributes to the shared worship experience by attentively listening and responding to God's presence and guidance.