Advance Reading and Business Materials

Here is some information to help you prepare to participate in Sessions.

Part of preparation is getting comfortable with Zoom (our videoconferencing platform) and creating a space that will help you stay present. You can find some how-to's, tips, and advice at Zoom How-To's.

We also invite you to prepare for Sessions by considering your prayers and intentions. 

Advance reading

The Advance Documents, comprising business materials for Sessions, staff reports, and annual reports from committees, boards, and representatives to other organizations, are posted below.

There may be edits to the Advance Documents, so Friends may want to check back for revisions.

You can also listen to the Advance Documents, either in their entirety or in segments, in the Yearly Meeting podcast, Then I Heard a Voice at Buzzsproutor wherever you find podcasts.

Epistles from around the world

Each year, Quaker yearly meetings around the world write epistles to Friends everywhere. You can read these epistles on the FWCC World Office website.

Memorial minutes of New England Friends

When a Friend dies, their home meeting writes a memorial minute; the Yearly Meeting shares them as testimonies to lives of faith. You may download the memorial minutes below [these are not yet complete].

File Downloads

2022-07-30 Advance Documents version 7

Changes to schedule (registration hours on Saturday), nominating slate

Marriage Chapter from Faith & Practice Revision
2022 Memorial Minutes
State of Society Binder

This file contains all 2021 state of society reports from local meetings, organized by quarterly meetings.