What JHYMers Say

woodland heart jhym

Every year, JH'ers write a compiled welcome letter to newcomers. Here are some quotes from past letters.

JHYM is one of the best things that have happened to me.

JHYM is a sanctuary, but don't be fooled. We're not boring. You will have so much fun and meet so many amazing people who will support you forever.

It is a safe place where you can be yourself and escape for awhile. 

The whole week before a retreat, I’m counting the days and wanting to go to the most accepting, friendly place I know. You will make lifelong friends. It is where your soul is free.

It’s nothing like school.  Everyone is so welcoming.

It is the best place in the world.

JHYM is amazing!  It is a place where people will love you more for being you than for being ‘perfect’ or ‘cool’ or ‘popular.’ You won’t find very many places like that in your life. You’ll feel the love the second you walk in the door! 

JHYM helps me connect with people in other states and be a complete Quaker.

In 12 words, JHYM is amazing, loving, peaceful, safe, community, inclusive, joyful, opening, and a giant circle.

JHYM is as heavenly as whip cream on fruit on pancakes.

JHYM laughing 4square game

Come be part of our community!

Put aside any feelings, nervousness, or anything because JHYM is an amazing unique experience where you meet new friends and have loads of fun. JHYM is the BEST. (Photo by Buddy Baker-Smith)