Resources for Clerks and Recording Clerks

Here are a few resources that Friends have found to be helpful to clerks and recording clerks for meeting for business and what to record and how to record it.

“Quaker Business Basics,” Friends General Conference Business Basics_1.pdf

Damon D. Hickey, “Unforeseen Joy”: Serving a Friends Meeting As Recording Clerk. North Carolina Yearly Meeting of Friends (FUM), 1987, updated 2013.
            A thoughtful and thorough discussion of the issues involved in minuting, by an experienced recording clerk. Available from Quaker Books of FGC ($10).

Keith Redfern, Before the Meeting: A Handbook for Clerks, Quaker Home Service (London), 1994.
            In British practice, a single person serves as both presiding and recording (minuting) clerk. It's tricky but doable if you're well-organized and pre-draft routine minutes. (“Recording Clerk” is also used for the person we would call “General Secretary,” the top staff administrator for Britain Yearly Meeting.)

William Braasch Watson, Before Business Begins: Notes for Friends Meeting Recording Clerks and Recorders, Mosher Book and Tract Committee of NEYM, 1996.