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A community of Quakers and Quaker meetings across New England.

Quaker Youth Education Network

  • A Friend readers a storybook to three young children in the grass
  • Welcome

    Welcome to our Quaker Youth Education/First Day School “work room” and into our community of practice.  Our ministry and our joy is to raise up a generation of Quakers alive with a vibrant faith, attuned to the central role of gathered community and prepared to engage in God’s work in the world.

    Our hope is to offer practical and inspiring assistance for every step along the way whether you have an established program or are starting or revitalizing one.

    We support building a Quaker life and culture at home.  

    We envision a World Quaker Religious Education partnering with Quakers around the world to learn from and about them as Friends. 

    Over the last several years, the social shape of our Quaker Youth Education community of practice has evolved beyond a traditional committee structure and into a network with a discernment core.  This change has allowed Friends to customize their involvement focusing their energy where there is a sense of leading and passion.  Friends galvanize to get a particular job done and then lay the work down ready to return for other projects again as moved and able.  It has actually resulted in more involvement because time commitments are more manageable and predictable and every engagement nourishes them.  Friends with expertise in particular areas step up to guide and advise aspects of the Quaker Youth Education work and form a flexible discernment core.


New England Yearly Meeting of Friends

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