Nurturing Faithfulness

Introduction to Faithfulness Groups

Faithfulness Groups are a small group spiritual practice for mutual spiritual support and accountability. In this video, which was filmed and edited by Rachel Guaraldi, Marcelle Martin and recent participants in the Nurturing Faithfulness program, describe their experience with Faithfulness Groups.

Introduction to Faithfulness Groups

Nurturing Faithfulness is a multi-generational faith and leadership program to help Friends in New England explore ways to meet God more deeply, hone methods of discernment, reach for fuller faithfulness, and ultimately bring these gifts and strengthened abilities home to their local meetings and beyond. The program is structured to set in place support, encouragement, and accountability.  

Some of the course materials from the 2017-2018 class at Woolman Hill are shared here with the hope that other Friends will find them useful. 

File Downloads

Faithfulness Group Guidelines
Evoking Questions for Faithfulness Groups
Viv Hawkins essays on peer groups