Worship as a Poem

Story author
Peter Crysdale

“It takes forever to make a woods” (Wendell Berry)

1.  The Inward Motion

Sometimes silent worship is communion.
Other times the washing-machine mind thumps and spins—
There are sabbath times when silence pours like heavy cream.
Waiting Worship does not depend on this belief or that—
Extended experience changes our beliefs. 
Folks who aren’t easy with each other find union sitting
On these benches—just what this divided world needs.

2.  Let Go   

Ride the hunger and longing down the waterfall of light—
Drink deeply from the cup of Divine Love.
Slowly—sustained attention emerges,
The ancient contemplative path to the deep.
Stuff happens when we worship—mostly beneath our 
Awareness—but there are hints—
Gratitude becomes more than giving thanks.
Reverence more than a sweet hush.
Wisdom sparks our existence with a series of small surprises.