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Minute of Support for Immigrant Families and Asylum Seekers

Apr 3, 2019

As members of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), we believe that the
human family is one family; that there is that of God in every member of this
family; and that generosity of spirit toward all the members of the human
family is of overriding importance.

As Quakers, we reaffirm our unconditional support for the well being and
protection of all immigrant families and individuals who are seeking asylum
in the United States. Children being separated from their parents creates an
even greater injustice delivered upon these immigrant families. These same
families who are fleeing violence, are violated again, when their children
are taken away.

Asylum is a form of protection recognized under both international law and
federal law. We expect our government to obey these laws and offer asylum to
any person or family, who have been persecuted in their home countries or
fear persecution there based on their race, religion, nationality, political
opinion, or particular social group.

We call on our fellow community members to join us in defending human rights
for all, working toward an inclusive, nonviolent community that protects
those who are vulnerable, and striving together for compassion, dignity, and
safety for all.

South Starksboro Monthly Meeting, December 23, 2018

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