Living Faith Workshops

Workshops will be offered at the April 6, 2024, Living Faith Gathering in North Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

Our 90-minute workshops provide an opportunity for adult and teen Friends to explore their Quaker faith and make meaningful connections.

About Living Faith

Living Faith Gatherings bring together Quakers from across New England to strengthen connections between Friends of different generations and from different meetings, nourish spirits, and provide an opportunity to share the ways we experience and live our faith. We hope Living Faith gatherings will an opportunity to equip individual Friends and local meetings with resources, tools, and connections to more fully live our faith.


This event will be fully in-person, on-site (not hybrid).

As part of our program, we are looking to offer a number of workshops in the early afternoon. We expect that each workshop will have 8 to 30 participants and will run for 1½ to 2 hours. Our goal is to have 6 to 8 interactive workshops that will speak to an array of interests and learning styles. If we have more proposals that we have space to accommodate, we may list more workshops than we intend to run and will cancel the workshops with low registration. (We will let you know at least a week ahead of time if this is the case for your workshop).

We apologize in advance that we cannot offer honoraria for leading a workshop. However, leading a workshop will qualify leaders for a fee waiver for the Living Faith Gathering and we have some funds to cover travel expenses for workshop leaders. Childcare and a youth program will be available for the full day.

Workshop Criteria

We are looking for workshops that:

  • Provide an opportunity for relationship building through activities, discussion, or worship sharing
  • Support Friends in their pursuit of faithfulness
  • Connect Friends more deeply with the Quaker faith and Quaker movement
  • Have an impact on daily life after the gathering
  • Create spaces that can’t be easily created in local meetings (the workshop should be something that it makes sense to have with a smattering of Quakers from different meetings engaging in on a single occasion)
  • Provide opportunities that can't be easily created via online connection (For example: activities engage one's body/senses/movement as able, opportunities for participants to use their hands, opportunities for small group and one-on-one connections)
  • Clarify “who” the workshop is for and will happen
  • Are facilitated by people able to connect with and respond to the needs of participants; facilitators should be aware of learning needs (for example: visual learners) and potential group dynamics (for example: different backgrounds of participants)
  • Offer participants a way to meaningfully connect with each other; some workshops may also build connections with the particular region or place we are gathered in
  • Are not spaces to do the work of the Yearly Meeting or season agenda items for Sessions 
  • If more workshops fit the above criteria than we have space to offer, we will prioritize workshops offered by Friends in Sandwich and Southeast Quarters.

Submit a proposal

The proposal deadline was February 4th. If you have questions regarding workshops, please email Kathleen.