Living Faith Gatherings

"Living Faith”—What's This All About?

Living Faith is a day-long gathering of Friends from throughout New England. The event is a chance for 100+ Friends to worship together, get to know each other, share the different ways we experience and live our faith, and build spiritual community.

These semiannual, day-long gatherings have been typically held in the spring and fall. They have included large group worship, fellowship and relationship-building, workshops led by dynamic Friends, an integrated youth program, and opportunities to connect on shared concerns. New England Yearly Meeting of Friends exists to support and nurture New England Quakers, and we hope Living Faith gatherings will equip individual Friends and local meetings with resources, tools, and connections to more fully live our faith. Living Faith gatherings have been on hiatus during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Dates for future gatherings will be published here, under the events listing on the website, and in the Yearly Meeting newsletter once scheduled.

Through worship reflecting the diversity of Quaker practice in New England, inspiring speakers and experiential workshops, Living Faith gatherings nourish our spirits and strengthen our ability to live our faith through action. A concurrent youth program explores these same themes in ways accessible to kids. The day opens and closes with programming for all generations, allowing us to be together as a multigenerational community. Families with young children are especially encouraged to attend. We hope that this initiative continues to engage Friends who have participated in wider Quaker events before, and welcomes many who haven’t. Please join us, and help spread the word!

Questions? Want to Help Living Faith Happen?

Want to learn more? Have suggestions for activities, speakers, or programming? Interested in being part of the planning team for an upcoming "Living Faith" event? Contact Elizabeth Hacala, Events Coordinator, for more information.