Support from the Yearly Meeting Office

This page is to provide Friends with supportive and informative resources, aiding them in their work. Contact the Yearly Meeting office if you have suggestions for additional materials to include here. See the table below for commonly used forms pertaining to committee expenses.

Schedules & Responsibilities

The Committees & the Yearly Meeting Office guide for clerks (below) includes information on reports, deadlines, etc.

A list of important committee dates can be found on the NEYM calendar.

Support from the Yearly Meeting Staff

Your Yearly Meeting staff work all year round on a wide range of projects supporting the life and ministry of our local meetings, and of Friends throughout our region. 

Please let us know as soon as possible about emerging needs of your local meeting, committee, or more informal ministry team so that we can best assess whether and how staff can be helpful in providing resources for your important work. While we can't dedicate time and resources to every request, we'd be happy to explore with you what support is available, and what we could plan to be helpful moving forward.

Travel Reimbursement

Friends are asked to request reimbursement up to the standard rate if needed to make their travel for Yearly Meeting service possible. The current IRS standard mileage reimbursement rate is 57.5 cents/mile, and the IRS volunteer rate is 14 cents/mile

File Downloads

"Committees and the Yearly Meeting Office" Guide
Travel Reimbursement Request
Committee Budget Disbursement Form

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