Childcare at Yearly Meeting Events

Childcare Policy

New England Yearly Meeting of Friends (NEYM) is committed to providing childcare during events sponsored by NEYM wherever feasible. This includes, but is not limited to, meetings of the Permanent Board, Ministry and Counsel Committee, and Sessions Committee.

Coordinating this work in accordance with the NEYM Professional Expectations of paid and volunteer youth workers as outlined in the NEYM Personnel Manual will be the responsibility of the NEYM Events Coordinator and overseen by the NEYM Secretary. The Events Coordinator will coordinate with the clerk or other relevant party responsible for the event, who will be responsible for soliciting requests for childcare with sufficient advance notice to make needed arrangements. Child care will be provided in accordance with the procedures outlined in the 2016 NEYM Child Safety Policy.

Childcare on site for NEYM sponsored events

  • Childcare providers will be mature and responsible adults. Workers under eighteen will function as “assistants” under the direct supervision of an adult childcare provider. Providers will be compensated at the rate of $15/hour, and expected to be available for the full period of the event and to comply with all NEYM policies and relevant directions.
  • All providers will undergo a screening process, including a criminal background check which can be conducted by the NEYM Office Manager and at least one reference, which can be informal. If a local meeting hosting the event has already run background checks for providers, written notification of this to the Events Coordinator will be sufficient.
  • Additional safeguards should be provided through careful monitoring and staffing. It is recommended that no fewer than two adults, or one adult and one teenage assistant, be present at all times. When this is not possible, there will be an individual assigned to randomly check in on all activities and children.
  • Childcare space, whenever possible, should be in an area in clear sight of multiple people, with open doors or windows.

Childcare off site

In some cases, it will be more convenient for a parent to arrange childcare for their child or children at home or at another location. By advance agreement, NEYM will consider reimbursing these expenses at the rate of $15/hour for roughly the period of time that the parent(s)/guardian(s) are attending the NEYM event. In these situations, the parent(s)/guardian(s) will:

  • Communicate these intentions with the Events Coordinator prior to the event,
  • be responsible for making the child care arrangements, and
  • submit the online reimbursement form within one month following the event.  The NEYM staff will follow up with you if we have any questions

Questions or requests for further information should be directed to the Events Coordinator at [email protected] Approved by Permanent Board November 18, 2017

Interested in Arranging Childcare?

Contact Elizabeth Hacala, Events Coordinator, to begin a conversation.