Communications, Insurance, and Legal Help

Sometimes the spiritual work we do together happens in very practical ways. Our local meetings face many similar challenges, and New England Yearly Meeting exists to help us do together what our local meetings cannot do alone. Friends serving through the Yearly Meeting are available to provide support to local meetings in a number of ways, including:

  • Publicity for meeting events and sharing your news through the email newsletter, website, and social media
  • Reduced-cost insurance for unincorporated meetings and worship groups, through inclusion under Yearly Meeting coverage
  • Confidential criminal background screenings for youth workers in your meeting, both paid and volunteer
  • Consultation on legal matters through our general counsel
  • Support for video and phone conferencing 
  • Networking with Friends serving in corresponding peer roles in other local meetings (e.g., clerks, treasurers, ministry and counsel, nominating)

Want More Information?

Contact Sara Hubner, Office Manager, by email or call 508-754-6760 to begin a conversation.