Yearly Meeting Nominating

The Nominating Committee endeavors to discern the gifts and leadings of the Spirit given to individual Friends, and invites those Friends to serve on Yearly Meeting committees.


The Yearly Meeting Nominating Committee identifies and encourages Friends with the gifts and skills to work in Yearly Meeting committees.


While the Committee always strives to bring a full slate for approval by Annual Sessions, it is more important to faithfully find the right Friend with the right gifts for each position. Therefore, it will sometimes happen that the committee does not have a full slate to present at Annual Sessions. In such cases, additional names may be brought to Permanent Board meetings for consideration and approval between Sessions.

The Committee meets during Annual Sessions to finalize the slate of nominations. There are two face-to-face meetings during the year. The committee also meets via conference call 4–6 times a year to discuss the gifts and potential nomination of Friends.

Each year the committee considers the stated gifts needed for most Yearly Meeting committees; in particular, the committee focuses on replacing those members whose terms will end at the next Annual Sessions. The committee also looks ahead for potential needs. When a Friend resigns from a committee or there seems to be a need for additional members, the committee will focus their attention on these areas. For many committees of the YM, Nominating Committee is responsible for proposing the clerk of the committee.

We strive to use a modified “Strawberry Creek” method of discerning names for particular service, allowing names to rise out of waiting worship.

A “shepherd” from NC is appointed for each committee of the YM. The shepherd should be familiar with the Purposes, Procedures and Composition of the committee they are shepherding. The shepherd is responsible for engaging with that committee and that committee's clerk with the intention of learning about the particular needs of the committee(s) and bringing that information back to NC for consideration. Committees are invited to collaborate with the shepherd to suggest individuals who might be nominated for that committee. In practice, some committees may be self-recruiting, or may be comprised of a network of Friends who share a concern.

The Committee seeks to hold its conversations tenderly, guarding the reputation of individuals. Names that arise during committee discussion will not be included in the minutes.

NC may become aware of situations where a committee is struggling. The responsibility of NC is to promptly inform Coordinating & Advisory of the situation.

NEYM Committee terms are 3 years, except for Permanent Board, Finance Committee and Board of Managers of Investments and Permanent Funds, which are 5 years. Each appointment may be renewed for a second term with mutual agreement of the committee, Nominating Committee, and Yearly Meeting.


To assure that we are a strong and continuously functioning committee, we have two types of membership.

  • Up to 12 at-large members are named by Permanent Board for 3-year, staggered terms, renewable one time.
  • Monthly meetings are invited to appoint Representatives for 3-year terms, renewable as often as the monthly meeting desires. Committee members are expected to actively engage in the work of the committee.
  • If there are insufficient representatives appointed by monthly meetings, the committee will ask the Internal Nominating committee of Permanent Board or Coordinating and Advisory Committee to assist in recruitment to ensure that the committee represents a broad range of monthly and quarterly meetings.
  • Linkages: The clerk of Nominating Committee serves ex-officio on C&A.
  • The clerk of NC is named by the Internal Nominating committee of Permanent Board in consultation with NC.

Desired member gifts and skills:

  • Time throughout the year for listening in encounters with Friends for spiritual gifts of service
  • Diplomacy in inviting Friends to serve on a committee or in a position
  • Knowledge of the purposes of NEYM committees, and the gifts and skills needed in order to help those committees function at their best
  • Knowledge of Friends and their gifts at the local and regional area
  • Organizational skills, including the ability to follow-up with contacting potential committee members
  • Reliability in attendance at meetings
Jackie Stillwell