Committee for Friends United Meeting


The purpose of this committee is to maintain and nurture the relationship between NEYM and Friends United Meeting (FUM) and to provide support for Yearly Meeting (YM) representatives to the FUM General Board and for the work of FUM. It meets as needed. 


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  • The FUM Committee consists of the NEYM representatives to the General Board of FUM and all Triennial representatives, all of whom are named by the Nominating Committee of NEYM. It can also consist of the leadership of the United Society of Friends Women–New England (USFWI/NEYM) as they so choose.
  • The presiding clerk and the Yearly Meeting Secretary are ex-officio members.
  • The committee coordinates with and has linkages to USFWI.
  • The clerk is selected by the committee in consultation with the YM Nominating Committee.